The Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto and CLUP have a strong team of linguists on the staff, as well as a new generation of members currently doing their PhDs in Forensic Linguistics. It also has excellent links at an interdisciplinary level among people in other parts of the University, such as the Faculties of Law and Engineering, and with other higher education institutions such as the University of Minho and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA). The Organising Committee consists of experienced academics and PhD students from these institutions, who have between them been involved in several forensic linguistics events, and published frequently on pure and applied linguistics, as well as computational and forensic linguistics, criminology and communication. Both the academics and the students, as well as the Faculty staff involved, have substantial experience of organising and running large international conferences.

Belinda Maia has recently retired from her job as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto where she was director of the Master’s in Translation and Language Services, a member of the EMT – European Masters in Translation Network, and doctoral programmes in Translation and Human Language Technologies. She has published widely in these areas and supervised several doctoral and master’s dissertations, as well as professional internships. She was the leader of the Porto branch of the natural language processing project Linguateca from 2002-8, and is longstanding member of CLUP, the research centre in Linguistics. Since 2009, she has been a member of the board of the European Master’s in Translation network, based in Brussels.  She has plenty of experience in organizing events, from one-day workshops to Summer Schools and conferences. Belinda was a co-chair of the Porto 2012 IAFL regional conference.

Rui Sousa-Silva is Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Arts and post-doctoral researcher at the Linguistics Centre (CLUP) of the University of Porto, where he is currently conducting research into Forensic Linguistics and Cybercrime funded by a grant of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. He has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University (Birmingham, UK), where he submitted his thesis on Forensic Linguistics: ‘Detecting Plagiarism in the Forensic Linguistics Turn’. He has worked on several forensic linguistic cases and published widely; he authored and co-authored several papers on (computational) authorship analysis and plagiarism, and is co-editor with Professor Malcolm Coulthard of the recently founded international bilingual, biannual journal Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito. He is a member of the IAFL, a board member of the ALIDI – the Language and Law Association of Lusophone Countries, and Chair of the College of Forensic Linguistics of the Portuguese Forensic Sciences Association. Rui has a high level experience in organizing events and was co-chair of the Porto 2012 IAFL regional conference.

Silvana Mota-Ribeiro is Assistant Professor of the Department of Communication Sciences and researcher of the Communication and Society Research Centre of the University of Minho. She has a European PhD in Communication Sciences, with a specialization in Social Semiotics. She has published widely in the field of Social Semiotics and Critical Discourse Analysis, among which her research on gender discourses in advertising images stand out. Her research has focused on gender and image studies, especially by conducting research in the area of gender discourses and Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis, from a social semiotics perspective. She coordinates the Gender & Sexualities work group of SOPCOM (the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences). Silvana was in charge of the brand image of the Porto 2012 IAFL regional conference.

Rita Faria teaches at the undergraduate and master courses in Criminology, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto. She has a first degree in Law, a Master degree in Sociology and a PhD in Criminology. Her research topics range from deviant and illicit behaviours in the academy (academic fraud, plagiarism, etc.), elite and white-collar crimes and Epistemology and History of Criminology. She has extensive experience in organizing national and international conferences, including the 72nd International Course on Criminology in 2010, and has published widely on her research in national and international journals. In recent years, she has also participated in several forensic linguistics events organised at the University of Porto, including the organization of the Porto 2012 IAFL regional conference at the Faculty of Law, where she was in charge of logistics, in particular.

Jorge Teixeira received his MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Porto in 2008 and is currently pursing a PhD in Informatics Engineering at the said University. Jorge has over 8-year research experience in the area of Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction and has developed industry proven technology as part of his current role at Portugal Telecom, where he is a research engineering and coordinates R&D activities in partnership with universities and research units. Jorge is also a researcher and member of LIACC, the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science laboratory at University of Porto, with more than 15 scientific publications in international conferences. At LIACC, he conducts research projects in Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction, and participates and coordinates national and international R&DI (Research, Development and Innovation) funded projects. Jorge is also an invited professor at Porto Business School, University of Porto, where he lectures Text Mining. Jorge was in charge of the electronic submissions management system and website of the Porto 2012 IAFL regional conference.

Joana Forbes has been a fully qualified solicitor and legal translator since 1998. In 2003, she completed a Masters in Private Legal Science (specialising in Tort and Family Law at the Catholic University in Porto). In 2010, after having lived and worked in the UK as an international legal consultant and freelance languages trainer, she returned to Portugal and concluded her Masters in Translation and Linguistic Services at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. Besides her legal activity, since 2012 she is also an independent lecturer on Specialised Communication – Legal Translation at the said faculty, presently attending a PhD programme in Language Sciences and conducting research into the translation of international contracts.

Milaydis Sosa graduated in 2000 as English Language Translator and Interpreter at the University of Havana, Cuba. She obtained her Specialization degree in Terminology and Translation in 2004 from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto and is currently a Human Language Technologies PhD student at the same Faculty. She works at the Center for Health Technology and Services Research (CINTESIS) based in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. Professionally, she has participated in several scientific and academic events as interpreter and assistant, and more recently as member of organizing committees in charge of venue planning, managing communications, preparing budgets and coordinating logistics.

Rui Effe is Assistant Professor of IPCA – the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, where he teaches graphical design and semiotics. He graduated in Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Subsequently he gained a Postgraduate degree in Artistic Direction by the Artistic School of the Porto, a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Arts and Artistic Expression at the University of Minho and a Masters in Fine Arts and Visual Communication at the said University. As a visual artist, he works in Lisbon and in Braga and is represented in public and private collections alike. He has done collaborative work in screenwriting and currently works as an illustrator, although his research interests are with audio-images. Rui was responsible for the colour palette and logos of the Porto 2012 IAFL regional conference.